The Municipality of Grandview
Recreation - Grandview Kinsmen Community Centre



Open with Occupancy Limitations 

Rate Schedule  


To book your event or for more information 

Call Jill at the Grandview Recreation Office 204-546-5260

Urgent Booking for Funeral Service (204-572-4072)

Weddings/Socials (Friday 4 PM – Sunday Noon)     $550.00  

 (includes bar/kitchen) (Boardroom not included)                                                                                                               

Day prior to/Friday @ 9 AM                                        $275.00  

Day after event/Sunday to 4 PM                                 $275.00

Supper with Liquor Permit (no dance)                      $450.00

(includes bar/kitchen)

Supper only with no Liquor Permit                           $325.00

(includes kitchen)


Full day function (no supper)                                    $325.00

       Half day function (no supper)                                    $225.00

Funeral Luncheon                                                       $225.00

(includes kitchen) 

Use of kitchen                                                             $100.00

Ross Cairns Memorial Boardroom                           $100.00

Pop                                                                               $50.00

Community Group Events - Pop                                Free

  • A $100.00 deposit is required at time of booking to guarantee the date. Booking is not confirmed until deposit is received. This deposit is non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances.
  • An additional fee will be charged if tables are not washed and garbage bagged/disposed of in accordance with Rental Agreement. This will come out of the damage deposit. 
  • The name of the security personnel must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event.
  • Damage deposits are equal to the rental fee for the event and is required prior to receiving the keys.
  • Cheque or cash only.
  • Damage deposit will be returned within 7-10 business days of the event if facility found in satisfactory condition. If damage is sustained, any applicable refund is subject to the Contractors schedule for repair.
  • It is required that all User Groups have a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy in the minimum amount of $2,000,000 (two million dollars). This coverage can be purchased through the Municipality. An application will be provided for you. 


Quick Hall Info

  • Amount of Tables:
    • 20 circular tables with a 5’ diameter (seats 8 maximum)
    • 41 rectangular tables 96”x30” (seats 8 comfortably)
    • 7 smaller tables (ideal for guest book table, etc.)
  • Amount of Chairs: 315 total
  • Hooks:
    • Along the back of the hall, including the bar there are 24 hooks
    • Along the west wall (kitchen side), there are 14 hooks
    • Along the east side, there are 15 hooks.
    • Down the middle, there are 15 hooks.
  • Stage: 28 feet x 15 feet
  • MLCC Capacity 
    • Credit Union Hall - 392 persons
    • Ross Cairns Boardroom – 47 persons
    • Outdoor patio – 68 persons
  • Ladder for decorating and umbrellas for patio tables are under the stage. Also the clear Christmas lights are under the stage.
  • Large coffee pots are to be only plugged in the kitchen using the T outlet.  Each coffee pot must be plugged into its own outlet.
  • If necessary, people can rent extra tables and chairs from the Grandview Rec Commission Please contact the Rec Commission @ 204-546-5260.

Keys will be released to the renter upon payment of the full rental fee & damage deposit and will receive a walk-through of the facility at that time (if required). In the case of an emergency, renters can call the Municipality Cell at 204-648-4567.

Wireless internet is available to renters.