The Municipality of Grandview
Recreation - Drums Alive

2017 classes will be announced 

What is Drums Alive? Drums Alive is a total workout with fun as the main focus.  While sitting or standing you will pound a fitness ball with drumsticks, which combines both body & brain health benefits from the music and rhythm. The benefits from Drums Alive is endless, it is proven to improve physical, psychological, emotional and social health. Drumming helps reduce stress, increases the heart rate and blood flow, improves muscle tone, helps with posture and balance, and helps you build confidence. 

A Drums Alive program is getting organized in partnership with the Grandview & District Senior Resource Council, together we have purchased all of the equipment needed to support a class of 25 participants with the grant funding opportunity offered by Healthy Together Now. The first class that will be offered is a low impact class for adults over 55 years of age. This class will be held on Thursdays starting October 13th. The class will be low impact for anyone 55 years of age or older, you can participate in the class by sitting in a chair,  standing, and the class is wheelchair accessible. You can modify the class to fit your needs, and decide what is right for you. This class is a great way to get your body, and mind active, also get you smiling! More details will be announced soon.

Drums Alive classes will be held for kids and adults. the Rec. Commission will keep you posted on the dates of these classes. 


Classes being offered:


2018/ 2019 classes TBA