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Tamarisk United Church - Exterior Painting Project

Posted: June 15, 2020




June 15, 2020 

RE: Tamarisk United Church


Originally a Methodist church when it opened in 1907, this church in the Grandview Municipality, a provincially designated historic site, became a United Church following the 1925 unification of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregationalist faiths. The plain woodwork of its impressive interior is typical of Methodist churches from this period. A plaque beside the church was placed there in 1994 by the Manitoba Heritage Council.


Historic places are a living legacy for all Canadians. Guaranteeing a future for these sites will allow future generations to experience them.


Council for the Grandview Municipality was successful in receiving a grant for an Exterior Painting Project.


The building’s overall condition is excellent. To ensure the building remains intact, some minor works are required.


·Door repairs

-Front door has some gaps that could allow for rodents to find their way into the building

-Side door does not remain closed. Doorknob requires maintenance and a locking system should be installed to provide additional security.

-Carefully, dismantling the doors to make any repairs, reinstalling, leveling and ensuring adequate closure and security.

·Window Rehabilitation

-Carefully, removing all peeling and loose calking/paint

-Apply new calking to secure original glass panes.

·Exterior Painting

-Removal of loose/peeling paint

-Repair of any exterior imperfections

-Reapply paint using historic paint colors

The municipality is searching for a Project Manager to organize the works or if you are just interested in volunteering, please call the municipal office at 204-546-5250. The project will be scheduled once supplies are received and weather permitting.

Kindest regards,

Grandview Municipality