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Posted: April 26, 2021



Grandview Municipality is seeking an Emergency Coordinator for our community.

Main Duties:

Ø The Coordinator is responsible for developing and maintaining an emergency program for the community, which must consist of an emergency plan that meets the mandated requirements set out by the Emergency Measures Organization; and must be maintained and passed by council every year.

Ø The Coordinator is responsible to develop a training and education program for key players within the community, usually consisting of the Elected Officials, First Responders, Operational staff and volunteers.

Ø Exercise the emergency plan through a series of exercises designed to test the plan and people.

An Emergency Coordinator must possess strong communication skills, be a leader, able to work with the elected officials as well as volunteers. This person must be able to work well under stress and be able to manage a team within an emergency operations center in times of an emergency.

This posting may be cancelled at any time the Municipality deems a suitable candidate is found.

Any further questions please contact:

Larissa Love, CAO

Box 219, Grandview Municipality R0L 0Y0

Phone: 204-546-5250