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History of Grandview


It is not known who was responsible for naming the town Grandview, but according to most accounts, someone is said to have stood looking west of town towards the Duck Mountains and exclaimed "What a grand view!" The only point on which these stories agree, is that it was indeed a grand view. The name was originally written as Grand View, but over the years was simplified to Grandview.

The "Grand view" area was originally settled in 1890 and September 1900 saw the arrival of the first Canadian Northern Railway train. The Village of Grandview was officially incorporated in 1905, and on December 1, 1906 under letters patent approved by the lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, The Town of Grandview was officially declared.

Economic Base

Grandview serves a large number of local farmers with businesses that supply seed, chemicals and fertilizers, as well as an array of different services and equipment. Major crops grown in the area include all types of cereal grain and oilseeds, as well as, a small amount of specialty crops.

Nestled between two of the bigger parks in the province, the Grandview area also benefits greatly from the tourist activity.

Climate and Geography

Grandview is located at 51° 10’ 27” N, 100° 41’ 52” W

It is situated 32 km south of Manitoba's highest elevation 'Baldy Mountain' which rises 831.2m (2,727ft) above sea level.

Average January temperature -18° Celsius

Average July temperature 22° Celcius

Average annual precipitation 529.6mm with 138.6cm of snow

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