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Slo Pitch

If you have a team, please call and register for the Summer 

2023 Fun Slo-Pitch League. 



$200 per team

Call Jill at 546-5260 to register 

***Rules for games are posted in dug-outs , please read before your games***

***All teams must pay their Recreation offices before their first game***

***Teams are responsible for informing the opposing team about a cancellation and rescheduling a game***

*** HAVE FUN***

Each team will designate one person to be the contact for the whole team.

The innings are once through the order. When the order is through once, the ball must come home to stop the inning or a pop fly caught. All runs that come across the plate before the ball comes home count. If a pop fly is caught, no runs crossing the plate, during that play, count.

The tenth batter of the inning cannot be walked, but can be struck out. 

Batter line-up is reversed every inning (10 batters).

A game consists of 6 full innings. 

Walks are walks, one base for each gender.

No bunting allowed.

No tagging at any bases.

Players may advance only one base on an overthrow.

No stealing or sliding.

There must be a minimum of 4 females and maximum of 10 players on the field at all times.

Must be 16 years of age to play 

The ball is alive unless it goes into the dugout or over the fence, except for foul balls.

No leading off. Anyone leading off is automatically out.

Batting team supplies the umpire. Umpire call stands! 

Infield fly rule will be in affect and the umpire should announce such situations. 

The commitment line will be half way between third base and home plate. Once you cross, you may not go back to third.

A safe line will be made behind home plate. Runners are to use this safe line in an effort to avoid collisions. The backstop has the right to stand on the base.

When running through 1st, 2nd, & 3rd base, runners must turn right, if the runner turns left the play is still alive.

Tagging up on pop flies is allowed, providing the runner tags up after the ball is caught.

There is no tagging at home because of the safe line.

Any foul tip caught on third strike is an out.

You may go home on an overthrow.

The Arc must be between 6 and 12 feet or it can be called a ball. No spinning is allowed on the pitch.

Teams are required to supply their own bats and gloves. Bat must be regulation softball bat. 

One home run is allowed per inning; however, this excludes the last batter. Once a home run is hit in an inning the next batter to hit a home run will be called as an automatic out. The last batter is always allowed to hit a home run.

Glass bottles are not permitted on the field or in the dugouts.

Third strike foul balls and you are out. 

Male players hitting the ball directly at  the pitcher, or anywhere near will be prohibited. If this action occurs the batter will be automatic out! The ball is dead, no runners may advance even if it is last batter.